LUPA Italian Jewelry Design

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I offer Private Metalsmithing Classes (traditional fabrication methods
for fine jewelry, including soldering and some stone setting.)
I tailor the workshops depending on my student's needs, knowledge,
and learning point. I will also guide you, if needed, on how to setup
your own studio in any place you have available, from a small room
or part of it, to a garage, etc.
In addition, I offer jewelry business tutoring.

Artist and Metalsmithing Instructor

“I love to express myself! When I create my jewelry,
I don’t work with pen and paper or a computer,
I work with my heart.
My feelings flow through my veins into my hands
And they shape the metals and caress the stones
Then – voila’! A new piece is born."


From drawing the design on precious metal sheet to piercing and sawing, filing, smoothing the metal for a velvet touch, yet forging it with hard hammers and shaping it with the hands, sometimes, like a sculpture, Lucia Pasquinelli, in art LUPA, creates contemporary jewelry with style everlasting. All of the work is designed and created in Los Angeles, CA, near the beach.

“I design because I like it. I can’t stay away from it. Creating…
Shaping thoughts with hands and metals is what I do. "

LUPA Jewelry is created exclusively of precious metals and may include gems, and pearls. Stones, along with few findings and Italian sterling silver chains, are carefully hand selected to assure quality and the pleasure of wearing a one of a kind ornament. Our metal is sustainable and it comes from New Mexico, a small manufacturer in Los Angeles, and our studio in Los Angeles, where scrap is recycled.

“I came to Los Angeles from Rome, Italy, twice. It’s a long way and I love to travel. I carry with me all I know of my country and my creativity makes me translating it into jewelry. "

Lucia Pasquinelli (in art LUPA) creates unique jewelry with distinctive eternal European style. Lucia was born and raised in Rome, Italy. Coming from an artistic family and having been surrounded by a culturally rich environment, she has always been creative and inclined to manifest her beliefs, which include respect and appreciation of art, history, traditions, life and of the environment. Her jewelry reflects her passion for culture, nature, and innovation.

Her training includes bench work with a professional jeweler in Rome as well as with master craftsmen in California. Lucia now lives in Los Angeles and is proudly associated with the Metal Art Society of Southern California, the Culver City Rocks & Minerals Club, and various Professional Jewelry Making associations.

Her company name, LUPA Jewelry, and her logo, the wolf, represent the millennia of history, culture, and tradition of her origins. The wolf has been the symbol of Rome since its creation, more than 2000 years ago, and LUPA, besides being Lucia's initials, is the Italian word for wolf.